What Is Chaiku?

© Chaiku is a word of my own invention. Akin to haiku and other micro-poetry forms ~ chaiku is a lived experience and a significant moment in time conveyed to the reader in very few words. Chaiku, like haiki, is a soul sigh and a story told in one breath. I often use nature or other imagery as metaphors in my chaiku to express the perspectives and emotional impact evoked by my life experiences.

Chai ~ is the Hebrew word for “Life.”  It is a powerful and deeply meaningful word in the Hebrew language. The “ch” is pronounced with a guttural sound, as in the Scottish word loch.

Ku ~ is a multi-layered Japanese word meaning: 1) Verse of poetry. 2) Maxim, expression, idiom. 3) Pain, suffering, difficulty, hardship.

Ku is also one of The Three Truths in Buddhism signifying non-substantiality ~ that which can not be perceived with the five senses or grasping self, but exists as pure potential or possibilities in flux.

© 2005 Mother Wintermoon