What Is Chaiku?

“Chaiku” © is a word of my own invention and creation. Akin to haiku and other forms of micro-poetry ~ chaiku is a soul sigh, a lived experience, a moment captured in time or a life story told in one breath.

“Chai” is the Hebrew word for “Life.”  It is a powerful, significant and deeply meaningful word in the Hebrew language. The “ch” is pronounced with a guttural sound, as in the Scottish word “loch.”

“Ku” is a multi-layered Japanese word meaning: 1) Verse of poetry. 2) Maxim, expression, idiom. 3) Pain, suffering, difficulty, hardship.

“Ku” is also one of The Three Truths in Buddhism and one of Buddhism’s most misunderstood concepts. Ku is “non-substantiality,” meaning that which can not be perceived with the five senses or grasping self, but exists as pure potential or possibilities in flux.

© 2005 Mother Wintermoon