About Me (2007)

I am a leaf unfurling. I am the caterpillar under the leaf, affixed by my silken thread, transforming and metamorphosing.

I am fluidity; therefore I am change. I embrace; therefore I nurturing. I plant seeds of awareness; therefore I am awakening. I am a wounded warrior, therefore I embody the scars of womankind.

I am the candle that bears the painful scars of the candle snuffers. I am the candle flame that flickers and has been extinguished, but my ember continues to reignite. I am the infinite within my soul, I can find no beginning, I can find no end.

Join me on this journey to delve into our savior-selves, to access the savior within us and personify it without.

Artwork by: The Sacred Feminine

24 thoughts on “About Me (2007)

  1. Greetings, Mother Wintermoon.

    I’ve stumbled my way here when I met Enreal down the Road of Life. Her darling words marked your sanctuary on my map so her I am. I have read your words and they are beautiful. They reached my soul indeed.

    I will certainly visit you more often.

    Love, peace and joy

    Glaize, welcome and thank you so much for your lovely comment and compliment! It’s always an honor to touch another soul with the wings of interconnection. What a pleasure to know our paths intersected through the beautiful world and words of Enreal! Blissings, MW


  2. Tehlanna

    Mother Wintermoon,
    Your blog was recently suggested to me today, and I’m glad I explored your pages. Thank you for sharing yourself here. I find your words inspired, and inspiring.

    Welcome, Tehlanna. To inspire is the greatest compliment. I humbly thank you!


  3. Why have not found you til now, with all these cyber-friends in common? Meant to be obviously! Not sure why yet, but the tears started flowing the minute I alighted here. No other words right now, which isn’t like me at all! I’ll be back! 😉

    Simonne, what can I say? Your words and emotions touch me deeply. Our crossing of paths was meant to be. You have blessed me with your visit. MW


  4. dear wintermoon
    the music by Nigel Holton is beautiful.
    I was in Amaroo last September, 06, it is a divinely inspired landscape, and wonderful retreat center.
    food for the heart,

    Oh yes, I love music. How amazing to have been there! I can only imagine the landscape that inspired the music. Amaroo sunsets to you, Jenn, MW


  5. Each day I discover a new aspect of you, and this time I found the reason I am so attracted to your space. Your spirit is so bright it has become a beacon to me in my search. Just when distractions in life postpone my onward movements, I look about me and a beacon such as yourself appears. Thank you that in your being I have remembered the why of mine.
    Blessed Be Always,

    What a beautiful gift of words you leave for me, GW! I am grateful. Thank you! All things good to you, BB, MW


  6. Hawk

    MotherMoon, you will have to forgive me for being bling or just totally incompletent, but I can’t seem to find your email address on this page. Would you mind send me an email so I will be able to send you a smaller photo for the Shibumi? This way it doesn’t cut it off on the sidebar limitations. I’m not too technically adept at doing things like this! Thanks.


  7. carolynlboyd

    This site is wonderful! I’m so glad I found it! It is one I will come to and explore many, many times. You and the site are both true inspirations.


  8. mother wintermoon

    Thank you bunches Enreal! You bless me with your words. Namaste. Joyful journeying, MW

    Miss*R we share pivotal life experiences. We walk the path of discovery together, sharing our wisdom and revelations along the way. Joy and safety always, xoxo MW


  9. miss*R

    thanks for visiting my croning blog – I too am a childhood victim of abuse, a cancer survivor and also an adult child of an alcoholic parent. Right now I am trying to discover who I am.. xoxo


  10. Mother wintermoon…. I have been reading about you and reading your words and am instantly drawn by the beautiful soul I found… may your journay be filled with love and peace, as for sure I will be visiting more and more…

    Thank you for sharing your life and connecting with us all…namaste


  11. mother wintermoon

    Welcome Ardath. The music is “Amaroo Sunrise” by Nigel Holton.

    Spiritwoman, kindred spirit, thank you for visiting and blessing me with your energy and encouraging words. Added your link, with pleasure.


  12. spiritwoman

    Hello Mother Wintermoon, am so grateful to you for visiting my blog, because that’s how I found yours. Your words are filled with light and energy. You are a kindred spirit.
    All good wishes.
    P.S.: Am blogrolling you.


  13. mother wintermoon

    Wassup Hawk? Welcome! Your comment reminded me of the Alice in Wonderland quote “curiouser and curiouser.” Saunter away. Thank you for visiting with me.


  14. Hawk

    Wassup mother wintermoon, I came to your sight via RubyshooZ’s. What a curious site you have!

    I will be back to visit again when I have more time to saunter around!

    My regards,


  15. mother wintermoon

    Sue Ann, laughter is the best medicine. Happy to give and share. 😀

    Bill, I feel the same way about you and your site. You bless me with your support and your energy. I am grateful that our paths crossed on the journey. Divine providence I would say.


  16. I can not begin to find the words to describe how I feel about your site. It is so truly inspiring and well written. I am so glad I came across you. Know I will be returning often.


  17. mother wintermoon

    Aerolin, thank you! I’m grateful you found me and I found you. You write beautifully and evocatively.

    Sue Ann, thank you for your healthy cell imagery. My cells were so happy they threw a disco inferno party, boogied down, and kept me awake singing “Stayin’ Alive” off-key and dancing like John Travolta. 🙂


  18. Sue Ann Edwards

    I have a thing to share which may be useful…

    It is being called ‘standard technology’ but honestly, I haven’t figured out what’s so technical about it. It’s something that is relatively ‘new’.

    In your imagination, pick out a healthy cell in your body. Everyone has at least one healthy cell or we wouldn’t be alive. Now imagine a happy face on this cell, estactically happy because the Goddess of its unverse happened to notice it.

    Now dance with the cell. Do the boogie-woogie or the peppermint twist. Dance in celebration of life. And communicate to the rest of the cells in your body, that this cell is now your standard. Happy and healthy. Your body will do the rest. It will serve your will.

    We can do this ‘standard technology’ with anything. Experience an absolutely wonder filled moment? Then decree such moments as your standard for all the other moment of your life.

    A lot of old methods and modalities are not working anymore. Because they were aspects of the use of force. Even meditation is a kind of force; it’s mental force. Since around 18 months ago, any use of force has been resulting in greater difficulties. As if when we push on reality, reality is pushing back, with an end result of things getting harder, not easier.

    The ‘new’ is to pull not push. Use our imagination, which kicks in our feeling levels, instead of visualization, which is primarily mental.


  19. Mother Wintermoon,

    A friend of mine sent me the link to your site recently, and I am so very grateful. The words on your pages here nurture the soul. Thank you. Now I’m off to go exploring through the archives!



  20. mother wintermoon

    Of course I don’t think ill of you! I would never think ill of you my dear Mystery. It’s vital for us to feel safe and able to freely express ourselves. It’s okay and perfectly healthy to create different spaces to release different, unexpressed aspects of self. I fully respect your instincts and decisions. The most important thing is for you to feel safe, free to express and take great care of yourself!


  21. mysteryofiniquity

    Hi Mother Wintermoon,

    I want to tell you that my alter ego on the web is Immanent Gorgon. You posted to my site and I greatly appreciate it. Did you ever feel that you could not truly be yourself on your own blog anymore? Like it’s been co-opted against your will sometimes? Taken over by men and agendas on both sides of the spectrum?

    That’s why I created my gorgon space. I hope you don’t think ill of me for running and “hiding” behind the mask of the gorgon! It’s for my own protection and my own freedom to speak, which, like me, I’m sure you know something about!



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