Stories: Past and Present

Greetings to any lonesome travelers who happen upon this space. Many moons ago, this old ghost town was a vibrant gathering space for a wise and wonderful tribe of Goddess keepers, Divine Feminine seekers and spiritual explorers. Although the old posts and comments have been retired, it is a nostalgic space for me, filled with cherished memories of kindred spirits, supportive community and heart-centered interactions. Instead of letting it lie fallow, I decided to dust off Romancing The Crone to use as a placeholder for all the (c)haiku I have written over the years. I’m just randomly publishing what I’ve imported from my old blogs and hard copy journals. After a long hiatus, I began exploring a new realm of writing under a new moon, blessed by a beloved tribe of gifted wordsmiths and kindred spirits, who enrich my word with their wisdom, support and inspiration. May your journey always be safe and your path illuminated, MW


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